About us

Caión House of Whales was born to bring a brand new twist to a family who always was on the seafaring business.

I am the grandaughter from Pepe ¨O cubano¨& ¨Asunción¨, grandaughter aswell  from José ¨Teri¨ & Socorro ¨Da Vichola¨

On my family they were sailors, barnacle pickers, redeiras, seaweed pickers and for generations this was the norm and the tradition. As you can see, my grandad on the picture above, with the ¨Redeiras¨ fixing the nets for his ship ¨Lucas¨

I grew up in between the sea, the beach, the waves, the salt, the seafood, my grandparents ship and however my talents were focusing on Fashion, and Graphic design. 

Caión House of Whales it is a project  that begings in the summer of 2022 to help my family to improve and explore new posibilities. We combine a vacation rental experience mixed with graphic design, handmade items such pottery, postcards etc… to promote our heritage villa ¨Caión¨.

What is our goal?
Caión House of Whales is more than a vacation home.
We use our holiday homes as a platform to showcase craftsmanship, creativity and pride in our village.
We exhibit the objects, plates, paintings etc… and integrate them into the atmosphere of the house. All the works belong to local creatives or have been inspired by Caión.
With all this we try to preserve its history, the history of its people, and give a look of hope to the artistic future and heritage of A Costa da Morte.

All of this keeping a green enviroment on the apartments, with plants, upcycling forniture and having a ZERO WASTE philosophy around us.

Through the year we collaborate with several donations and campaigns with the Sea Shepherd, to defend, protect and preserve our oceans.

Aswell, we save the plastic bottle caps to donate to the ¨Fundación Seur¨ tapones para una nueva vida. We ask for you collaboration with this, since we collect them also on the apartments.

This small gestures are very important for us, and they make a huge diference to make a better world.

Bring your holidays to the next level by supporting the local business

Handmade + Design + Enviroment + Vacation rentals

See you soon

House of Whales Team

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